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  • July 25, 2017 36Kr: Rolls Out First Generation Testing Vehicles

    Tech publication 36Kr has written a story about recent progress at, reporting that “rolled out its first generation testing vehicles, which have been used intensively in daily autonomous road tests. The prototype uses a LIDAR-based sensor fusion system and drives up to 50 kilometers per hour in autonomous mode. The vehicle can not only identify the surrounding environment, such as traffic lights, pedestrians, etc., it can also precisely control its trajectory, using real-time feedback.” Click the link above for Chinese coverage.

  • July 15, 2017 CEO Delivers Keynote at NetEase Future Tech Summit CEO James Peng recently presented at the NetEase Future Tech Summit. During his talk, he emphasized that safety must always come first in autonomous driving development.

  • July 14, 2017 Zhidx Interview with

    In a recent interview with Zhidx, CEO James Peng explained the three layers in the autonomous driving industry today. At the first layer, he said, are the auto manufacturers. In the middle layer are the providers of robotics, map services, and artificial intelligence solutions. At the top are ride service providers, such as Uber and Didi. For, which is in the middle layer, there are two business development approaches. The first is to cooperate with the top and bottom layers, providing OEM services. The second is to operate its own ride service. is currently in talks with auto manufacturers about cooperative alliances. James said that is also planning to deploy a fleet of autonomous vehicles in a designated zone by 2020.Click the link above for Chinese coverage.